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Bryan Cranston Wants To Play Mr. Sinister


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At this year’s New York Comic-Con, actor Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) revealed that if the opportunity presented itself to play a Marvel character, he’d like to play super villain Mr. Sinister. Often abbreviated to Sinister, Nathaniel Essex is a scientist whose research has made him an authority on genetics, cloning and mutation.

His machinations have led him to clone various members of the X-Men as well as creating new mutants from the genetic materials of others. The most notable example of the latter practice is Cable, a mutant comprised of the materials of both Scott Summers and Jean Grey.

Speaking on the slight obscurity of the character, Cranston added, “It intrigues me to be able to play a character that hasn’t been on film before, so you can create it from the beginning.”

With acting chops well accounted for, it is fair to say that the role would be in good hands.

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