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Zulf – Boss Rush

Spoiler Warning for Bastion  It’s hard for me to nail down what exactly counts as a boss character in Supergiant’s Bastion. Creatures like the Anklegator showed their boss form in Queen Anne and the Gasfellas had their Foreman, but they’ll always just be another feather in the cap of enemies you face in the wake […]

Music Monday 6/10/14

For this Music Monday I decided to dive into my game collection and pick out some of the best soundtracks gaming has to offer. This list isn’t even a fraction of the soundtracks I could enthuse about (you’ll note there’s no Final Fantasy on here and that’s purely because I couldn’t pick just one). There […]

Forgotten Childhood – The Neverending Story

THE INITIAL RELEASE (1984) Die unendliche Geschichte was a best selling book crafted from the vivid imagination of a German novelist named Michael Ende. We would better know this novel by its english translation,The Neverending Story. Whilst the book was launched back in 1979 to critical acclaim and adoration, it didn’t hit the big screen […]

Transistor Release Date Announced

One of the games I have been looking forward to the most this year would have to be the latest title from the folks over at Supergiant Games, Transistor. Well some fantastic news came out today, as we now know we don’t have to wait as long as we thought. Transistor will be releasing on […]