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Farming Simulator 19 Review 7.8

Farming Simulator 19 Review


Published by Focus Home Interactive, Farming Simulator 19 takes players to a rustic country setting and gives them the opportunity to take care of their own farm in whatever capacity they want, whether that’s taking care of crops, raising livestock, or trying forestry.

Baby Steps

I’m a newbie to the world of Farming Simulator but my other half is a complete addict, clocking up over 300 hours on the game. So we both approached 19 from different angles. It’s an easy game to pick up after completing the tutorials and with my baby steps I was able to start cultivating in no time. At the same time, I couldn’t help but think that the game was released a bit too soon. There were a few bugs initially so we couldn’t use our wheel setup and had to switch to keyboard, but the development team were quick to pick this up!

Farming Simulator 19 is definitely less “moddy” then the earlier simulators, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This might be down to the addition of some serious machines without the need for mods.

John Deere Driving

One big change in this Simulator is the addition of some huge names, including John Deere. Showing my roots, they are beautiful machines and simulated versions are no exception. The tractors, and machinery are beautifully rendered. The graphics in this game are absolutely fantastic and the countryside landscapes are gorgeous. The lighting is stunning and a real treat as you’re driving to the shop or the barn.

Driving the tractor is another thing. As mentioned earlier I really enjoyed being able to use my steering wheel setup in Farming Simulator 17. However, when we originally got everything set up for Farming Simulator 19 there were a few issues, including some glitchy graphics when trying to figure out how to connect your cultivator. This is possibly down to some issues with the XML binding, but either way a quick switch takes us back on the farm.

Graphically speaking, something I’d love to see in the future is some dynamic terrain. Additionally, if you have an old enough graphics card, be sure to take it easy on your graphics option because it’s quite heavy. It’s worth it, though, when you get to see your crops go in high-definition!

Growing Your Farm

As I mentioned earlier, you have complete freedom over your farm. You can choose to run it whatever way your like; whether you want to take a dozen contracts, concentrate on forestry or work on your crops. And this can be a blessing or a curse because no matter how much you think you get done, there’s always so much more to do!

This game is definitely for the patient, and it can be long but that’s what hiring people is for. Personally, I was a big fan of hiring in the early stages of my gameplay.

Cultivating crops is definitely my favourite part of the game. With Farming Simulator 19, there was big hype surrounding the new crops, which is justified, but it can be expensive with little turnaround. Multiplayer definitely helps here and again, and it’s probably one of my favourite parts of the game. I really enjoy playing with my other half and a few friends, sharing the tasks and growing our farm.

Worth it?

Definitely! Once you know what you’re in for, they this is definitely one to go for. It’s a relaxing, easy-going and beautiful game.


Farming Simulator 19


A must-play!