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The Ultimate Frenemies – EwTube

The Ultimate Frenemies – EwTube


Another week, another EwTube! I got my tonsils out earlier this month, which was great because I got to stuff my face with ice cream. However, it also meant a painful recovery and I was under house arrest for over two weeks. I decided to make the most of being stuck on the couch and ended up re-watching The US Office. 

I had forgotten how amazing this show was, and in particular, how glorious Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski’s on screen relationship is. Dwight and Jim are two perfectly written characters that work magnificently well with each other. Their constant game of cat and mouse only gets better as it progresses over time. They are honestly one of the best pairs ever to grace television, and offer endless entertainment.

So, I decided that after enjoying watching Jim torment Dwight for the last few weeks, I’d share some of this joy with you guys. Without further ado, here are some of the best pranks Jim has ever played on Dwight in The US Office.

Jim impersonates Dwight

Such a simple idea, but one that would undoubtedly drive Dwight crazy. As someone who prides himself on every aspect of his identity, when Jim threatens to steal it, Dwight freaks out.

Jim gift wraps Dwight’s stuff

I always thought this was one of the funniest pranks Jim pulled on Dwight, just because of the amount of effort he put into it. It must’ve taken hours, but by God was it worth it in the end.

Jim hides Dwight’s desk

After seeing this prank, I was almost convinced working in an office could be fun. I also felt a warm spot for Dwight; despite his desk being moved to such an awkward location, he still sits down to answer the phone. We all need someone who loves us as much as Dwight loves Dunder Mifflin.

Future Dwight

Sometimes I genuinely wonder how Rainn Wilson kept a straight face while filming his scenes for The US Office. Also, mega love for Stanley in this prank.

Mind Control

Such a simple prank, but it really reminds you that Pam and Jim are the ultimate dream team when it comes to annoying Dwight.

Asian Jim

I’ll just end this EwTube on probably one of the best pranks of all time. Poor little Dwight is so gullible, God bless his little cotton socks.

Do you like The US Office? Do you think there are another pair of frenemies on TV better than Dwight and Jim? Let us know in the comments below!