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Llamas with Hats – Viral Video

Llamas with Hats – Viral Video


Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaarl! If you’re looking for something strange and hilarious to watch this week, I definitely recommend checking out Llamas With Hats!

Llamas With Hats (created by Jason Steele) is about two llamas. One llama is a psychopath. His name is Carl. The other is named Paul. As you can tell from the title, they both wear hats! In the first episode, Paul finds Carl with a dead man in their living room. He is also missing his hands. The creators have uploaded all 12 episodes in a compilation video on the FilmCow channel, so you can check them all out together! If you have the stomach for it anyway!

As the episodes progress, the content gets more demented. Paul can’t put up with Carl’s insane antics any longer. Carl ends up talking to a bizarre mask of Paul, which starts to drive him nuts. Well, gets him angry. He’s already nuts.

I think if Carl and Paul were human, this wouldn’t have such appeal.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!