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Red Dead Sequel Announcement Is Here

Red Dead Sequel Announcement Is Here


Confirmed! We’re getting a Red Dead Redemption 2!

It seems Rockstar Games are limbering up to announce a new Red Dead sequel. Rockstar have got everyone excited the only way Rockstar know best, by changing their social media profile pictures and uploading statusless images.

Two images were released by the company on Sunday. One is Rockstar’s logo in red on a vlack background and one is of a textured red background image with a grunged Rockstar logo. No additional information was given by the company such as date or game title, but it seems to be in the vein of the artstyle of Red Dead Redemption.

red-dead-sequel red-dead

Monday saw yet another teaser image of seven armed silhouetted figures with a mountain and sun background.

red dead teaser-2


Rockstar Games are infamous for some of the industries best kept secrets and tend to announce their games out of the blue and on their own timescale. Keep an eye on Rockstar’s Facebook, Twitter and website for more details.

With the recent re-release of Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One and Red Dead Revolver on PlayStation 4, the stage seems set to announce a 3rd game in the series. What are you looking forward to seeing in a new Red Dead?