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Who Remembers After School Anime – Otaku Digest

Who Remembers After School Anime – Otaku Digest


This week I have been in a very nostalgic mood. As mentioned in this week’s Otaku Review sometimes it is nice to just curl up and relive your childhood all over again. There is a certain comfort to ignoring your adult life to relive those easier days where your biggest concern was getting to see you’re after school shows. Alright maybe not the biggest concern but after school shows were massive.

We all remember them whether it be your Sailor Moon or your Dragonball Z we all had our anime that we watched religiously but people often forget those titles that ran between our favourite anime but were just as entertaining. Gone but not forgotten, today we count down my top forgotten after school anime.

#3 Monster Rancher

MonsterrancheranimeGetting some flashbacks to the days of Fox Kids? Well then you are reliving the days that you watched this classic show after school. For those who are too young or just never got to watch this show we follow Genki Sakura a boy who loves his Monster Rancher video games. After winning a gaming tournament he is presented with a disk to unlock a special monster in the game, instead he is transported to the world of the game. He happens upon a girl called Holly who is searching for a special stone that will release a legendary phoenix that will save the land from the evil ruler Moo. With the help of many monster friends Genki and Holly embark on a journey too save the world from the rule of Moo

There was nothing new or amazing about this anime at the time but if you give it a watch now it has certain qualities that you can appreciate. The anime was so true to what it was and that was a hilarious little adventure anime that did not take itself too seriously. It was just a very fun little anime to watch, anime like this nowadays take them far too seriously trying to be too much instead of embracing what they are. Monster Rancher managed to blend comedy, adventure and even some darker overtones in there perfectly. A classic anime that has sadly been forgotten over time.

#2 Tenchi Muyo/Universe/In Tokyo

Tenchi-Muyo-054I am not cheating at all here as technically these were all the same anime just in different timelines in Tenchi’s life. We are popping into the Toonami years here. The Tenchi titles were usually wedged between Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing before going to an earlier time slot. It was vastly overlooked by anime fans since it was just a bridge title popped between two action anime. Tenchi Muyo, the first of the franchise basically centres around Tenchi a young man who accidently awakens the infamous space pirate Ryoko; a day that changed his life. He is plunged into a life of action and mishaps when Ryoko and other out of this world personalities settle in his home while he is dragged into outer space battles.

This anime has a special place in my anime heart since for me it was my first harem anime, although at the time I had no idea it was even a harem anime. Instead I watched a light-hearted and very funny series that had perfectly developed characters with a story that genuinely had a lot of twists and turns in it. A true classic anime that is still living with a new sixth instalment Ai Tenchi Muyo!

#1 Shinzo

We have fired ourselves right back to the days of Fox Kids. This show is shamelessly over looked and 60962bc572a7f387628611307df5c194forgotten even though it was available to view here (for those lucky enough to have had Sky TV). It would air between previously mentioned Monster Rancher and Sailor Moon way back at the beginning of the noughties. Shinzo is an underrated series; based on Earth after it has been invaded and taken over by a race known as the Enterrans and they name it after themselves, Enterra. We are introduced to our protagonists who are Enterrans, Mushra, Sago and Kutal after they happen upon and decide to help the last remaining human, Yakumo. She is on a mission to restore the human race, to do this she must be kept safe and brought to a special location.

This series is very like Monster Rancher in some sense. Where Monster Rancher was aimed at a younger audience, Shinzo on the other hand was a tad more mature for it’s time. It had action, comedy, romance and very dark story matters mixed into what was dressed up as a bright adventure story. From the individual characters themselves to the various villains they faced each are fantastically created with their own aims and personalities. The story of this anime flowed perfectly from episode to episode with the character development pushing it along nicely. This is an after school anime they deserves to be remembered.

What were you hidden after school Animes? Let me know in the comments below!