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Berserk Warriors Delayed In Japan

Berserk Warriors Delayed In Japan


Berserk Warriors is a new video game based on the anime and manga Berserk series. Koei Tecno announced via Twitter that the game is being delayed in Japan. Berserk Warriors, intended to be released in Japan on September 21, 2016, has been pushed back to October 27.

Reason For the Delay??

The reason given for the month-long delay is due to quality concerns. A longer wait may be annoying for fans. However, at least the developers are putting in the extra time to guarantee a higher quality gaming experience.

Koei Tecno did not mention if this delay would effect the Western release, which was never given a date in the first place. However the game will hopefully appear in the west early 2017.

Japanese gamers will be able to grab the game on PS4 and PS Vita, while a PS3 version will be available for download. Meanwhile, in Europe and North America the game will be available at retail for PS4. Also, PS Vita and PC users can get a digital download.

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