Home Games Angry Birds 2 Set For Release In Late July
Angry Birds 2 Set For Release In Late July

Angry Birds 2 Set For Release In Late July


5e87fdc3-426d-497a-81dd-20e9bd94744f-620x372Angry Birds 2 promises to be bigger, baddier and birdier but, despite the hype and marketing efforts, is the interest still there?
It has been five years and several subsequent versions since the original Angry Birds hit our phones, which solidified casual gaming as a mainstream hit. The birds are back, as later this month there will be a fully fledged sequel called Angry Birds 2 released.
The original instant-hit from 2009 brought a huge variety of different merchandise for children and adults alike, including candy, video games, and toys, among others. There have been so many different variations including Angry Birds Seasons, Star Wars and Rio. It then continued expanding into other gaming platforms with Angry Birds Transformers, an adventure RPG in Angry Birds Epic. 
Unfortunately, in 2014 revenue fell as the attention the game initially received was instead focused on other addictive games like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush. The company has since been struggling to enter the top 10 in the charts, but they are hopeful that Angry Birds 2 will change the tide there.
With 200 million active players, millions of dollars in annual revenue and a new presence in the unpredictable world of movies,  Angry Birds is more than just a mobile game, it’s big business.

Do you plan on downloading Angry Birds 2? Are you over the trend at this stage? Let us know in the comments!