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Gallery – The Thief's Prize

Gallery – The Thief's Prize


This week I’m continuing our look at the four base classes of any fantasy RPG and today we’re devoting the gallery to the shadows and the hands that lurk beneath them.
I’m referring of course to the craftiest of the four classes, the Thief.
Second least favourite class (sorry warriors!) and while I will pick a thief to experiment with play styles, I’m still not comfortable playing so close to the enemy even if I’ve got a crossbow! The thief relies on stealth and speed, striking when their enemy is distracted in battle or, better still, when they’re caught completely unaware. While a thief’s strike might not be as brutal as a warrior’s, it’s sharp enough and in most cases coated with a poison. The slower the target, the more you can strike!
I dedicate this gallery to the Yuffies and Rikkus out there, proving that you don’t have to be shrouded in shadow to be a thief… now give me back my materia!