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Gif Essay – Fan Pains


I’ve been thinking a lot about fandoms lately – the good, the bad and the something else! I’m a fan of nearly everything, am I the greatest fan of one particular thing (in my head yes!) probably not! Later on this week the gang will be getting together to talk a little bit more in-depth about fans and what we get up to, now though I want to talk about ‘Fan Pains’ or ‘Fanains’ for short (it still counts).
To help me explain this better I’m using the power of gifs, because if you can’t learn it through a gif, it’s probably not worth learning! There are seven stages of ‘Fanains’:
Hope > Excitement > Patience > Anger > Denial > Acceptance > Meh
Each of these can and will vary from person to person but any fan worth his/her salt will encounter some of these steps as they await the next instalment in their movie/comic/cartoon/TV/book series! Here’s how to self diagnose each stage:


You’d think with a name like ‘Hope’ this would be a nice stage but it’s the catalyst for all the evil to come:
It starts out fine, you’ve just finished the last book/episode and you’re left on a cliffhanger but that’s cool – you’re imagination can help for the time being…
Hope - Wish
Oh no wait… your mind goes to dark places, what if the creator gets it all wrong and your favourite character gets the chop? Hope turns to fear!
Hope - Uh OH
The fear will dissipate with time and teasers but it’s always there, as long as there is hope, there is fear!

Hope - Yeah It Will Be Ok


Nothing is going to keep you from the sequel!
Just when you feel yourself slipping, a teaser for a trailer appears…
Excited - Teaser
Then another, then a website (not The Arcade, because we’re deadly) posts a spoiler without warning…
Excited - Spoilers
Then a third teaser for the fourth trailer and excitement turns to anger but…
Excited - Enough


You can make it through this, it’s just a little while longer…
Patience - Are we there yet
Seriously, I know the production was hit by unprecedented natural disasters but…
Oh come on! Can’t you reshoot stuff and tack it on the Blu-Ray special, I am sick of waiting…
Patience - This is hell


That’s it! Enough is enough! This isn’t fair anymore!
Anger - Details
What the hell?! They can’t just change a character’s appearance?! He always wears a suit! Like ALWAYS!
Anger - Do Not Want
No this isn’t just about the suit, this is about everything we’ve been through together! My money!
Anger - Overreact


This pretty stage goes hand in hand with anger rather well! When you can’t get mad… run away and hide!
Denial - Can't Deal
When they find you, delete everything bad you ever said about the upcoming book and just lie!
Denial - I'm Fine
They won’t remember, they won’t doubt your love was blinded by lusty rage!
Denial - Everyone Else


It’s here! It’s finally here and it’s all coming together so well!
Acceptance - It's here
This is everything you wanted and more!
Acceptance - It's really here!
This is the life-changing show/book/comic/movie/cartoon/album you were waiting for!



When questioned later by friends and loved ones, you’ll play it cool!
This was the last instalment of your favourite thing ever! What’s next?
And the cycle begins all over again!

What show/book caused you ‘Fanains’? Did I miss a stage?
Let me know in the comments below!