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Blade Runner 2 Rumored Leading Star And Confirmed Director


france-entertainment-cannes-film-festival-1Moving on from the train of hype built up by the latest Star Wars trailer, we can now take in the new information regarding the other massive science fiction sequel featuring Harrison Ford. As we have reported previously, Blade Runner 2 is currently in development, but now we finally have a little extra to get us excited about this sequel to the classic Ridley Scott epic. The first note to mention is that Harrison Ford will indeed be returning as the replicant hunter, Rick Deckard. It remains to be revealed what place Deckard will serve in the story given the events of the original. We do know that he will not be the main focus, but he will feature prominently as a supporting character of the movie. Recently, Alcon Entertainment (who have been the driving force of this production) have reached out to Ryan Gosling to star, which gives credence to the notion that they want Gosling to be in a leading role. Whether he would be taking over as our main protagonist or antagonist has yet to be disclosed due to the ongoing negotiations.
The last bit of news is that it will be directed by Denis Villeneuve, who is most famed for his critically acclaimed 2013 movie Prisoners starring Hugh Jackman. Given that the script for this sequel is based on an idea straight from the mind of Ridley Scott — I would say that this is overall a very promising prospect for human and replicants alike to keep an eye on.