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Style Saturday: La La Lavishness

This weeks style saturday is celebrating the award winning movie that is La La Land. The romantic musical-comedy starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. The movie follows the story of a jazz pianist who falls for an aspiring actress in LA. One thing I always admire about musicals are the outfits because they need to […]

Screen Savers: The Notebook

Listen you’re going to have to watch this at some point in your life! Suck it up and deal with it! I did! And I’m a whole lot better for doing so! So grab that Ryan Gosling band-aid and rip it off, don’t peel, just rip! This is ‘Screensavers; and I’m watching The Notebook. F*ck Valentine’s’Day! What’s it […]

Ryan Gosling Confirms Role For Blade Runner Sequel

In an interview with Collider Ryan Gosling has confirmed that he will be appearing in the sequel to Blade Runner.  During the interview Gosling was asked about his involvement in the project and he replied “Yes. That’s true,” but quickly followed up his answer with, “There’s a chip in me that will explode if I say anything else,”. We’re as clued […]

First Clip Of Ryan Gosling's Lost River

Ryan Gosling, the Canadian star whose film credits of late include modern classics such as Drive and The Place Beyond The Pines, has been hard at work at his directorial début, Lost River. In April, we got some intriguing images of the surreal fantasy-horror, but now we finally have a short clip ahead of the […]

Review: Gangster Squad

Dames and brauds! Tommy guns and cigars! Forget about it in this movie! We are of course talking about director Rubin Fleischer's new movie, 'Gangster Squad'. Pumped with heart throbs, action and suspence, are we looking at the perfect combination or is this nod to cinema noir a recipe for disaster? Find out now!