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Bob’s Burger Recipes collected in Cookbook


Bobs-Burgers-FOX-3Ever fancied creating one of the many pun-tastic burgers served in Bob Burgers? Maybe an “I know Why the Cajun Burger Signs” or “Bruschetta-bout it Burger” well the Bob’s Burger Experiment blog certainly did and have been tirelessly been making attempts and recreating the pun-named burgers that have appeared on the burger joints chalk board. It has come to the point where they are collecting all these recipes into an actual cookbook.
The Bob’s Burger Experiment blog was started off by at the time college student Cole Bowden now an engineer for car company Honda, when he had very little cooking experience.
“I mean, I knew my way around a frying pan,” he tells NPR’s The Salt, “but pretty much just how to put things into it and heat it up.”
The blog has captured the taste buds of many Bob’s Burgers fans including show creator Loren Bouchard who has said:
“I loved [the blog] ever since I heard of it, which was at its inception several years ago,” Bouchard says. “It was maybe the best example of how doing a show in the age of the Internet can be such a satisfying experience.”
Although no release date has been set yet and the book is in the early stages we are all watering at the mouth thinking about it, for now have some of the “Bruschetta-bout it Burger”Bruschetta