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Christopher Lee Releases Festive Metal Single


Legendary actor, Christopher Lee, who has starred in more movies than I can count, has released a new heavy metal single titled “Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing”.
The single is a take on the Christmas classic “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” and it is “…light-hearted, joyful and fun. It’s a band singing on how metal should be played, the effect it has on the band and its listeners” Sir Christopher explained.
Lee, once again, is joined by guitarist Hedras Ramos, who had previously worked with Christopher on the album “Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death” in 2013, replacing Richie Faulkner and “A Heavy Metal Christmas”, which was Sir Christopher’s first venture into “Christmas metal”.

Christopher Lee became the oldest heavy metal artist now at the age of 91 . Last year, the song “Jingle Hell” reached No. 18 on Billboard, making him the oldest performer in history to have charted. This record was previously held by Tony Bennett.
Lee went on to say “At my age, the most important thing for me is to keep active by doing things that I truly enjoy. I do not know how long I am going to be around, so every day is a celebration and I want to share it with my fans“.
Honestly, could the man be any cooler?