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Friday Five at Five – News You Might Have Missed


Another week gone another five things you might have missed!

#5 Christoph Waltz to be the new Bond villain?

skyfall_lead_0Good luck with this one 007! Production is set to begin on the next installment before the end of the year with Daniel Craig set to return with Sam Mendes, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw and Naomie Harris
Now we’ve learned that another familiar face is set to join; Christoph Waltz is set to be the nemesis. The news was broken by Baz Bamingboye of the Daily Mail.
Production is set to shoot in Mexico, Morocco, Italy, Austria and London and is currently schedules for release in the UK in October 2015.

#4 Guardians of the Galaxy deleted scenes revealed.

It seems that there were two scenes deleted from the end of Guardians of the Galaxy.
According to an interview with  Slash Film, director James Gunn has revealed that these scenes would have taking us back to Earth to check in on Grandpa Quill and then back to space to check in on Nebula.
“Grandpa Quill we cut because he was in old age make up and we were a little afraid people wouldn’t recognize that it was him from the beginning of the movie,” Gunn said. “And also, it was a pretty sad moment. It was Grandpa Quill and he has this photograph of Meredith and Peter as a little boy and he looks up at the stars and we go up to the stars and it was really sweet.
It means that he must have seen Quill getting abducted at the end of that day and is still waiting for him to return but it was freaking sad so we took it out.”
The other deleted scene would have reintroduced Nebula after her climactic fight with Gamora. Gunn explained, “Nebula’s I really liked a lot because she’s lost her arm and she’s just pissed off and she’s just walking through this field all pissed off with a busted Ravager vehicle behind her.”
The scenes were removed in order to give more time to the film’s heroes as well as the Collector and good old Howard the Duck.
Guardians of the Galaxy arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on the 24th November – but we doubt that the deleted scenes mentioned above Hobbit to appear on the disc.

#3 Billy Boyd To Sing On Final Hobbit Film

Billy Boyd, who sang in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, will lend his voice again for the final The Hobbit film, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies singing ‘The Last Goodbye’. Oh the feels!
And if that wasn’t enough here’s an added bonus:

#2 The Conjuring 2 Gets Release Date

There’s little denying the success of The Conjuring which turned over $318m at the worldwide box office (off a $20m production budget). So it comes as no surprise that The Conjuring 2 is happening (and we’ve already had one spin-off, Annabelle).
The original plan had been for The Conjuring 2 to arrive in 2015. However, Warner Bros revealed that the movie was being put back to 2016 the other week, and we now have an exact release date: June 10th 2016 (well for the US at least)
The film will pick up where we left of with Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga’s characters, and Chad and Carey Hayes have returned to write the script.
More news on the film as we hear it…

#1 First Trailer For The Divergent: Insurgent Released

Insurgent, the second in the series penned by Veronica Roth, is set for a release date of March 2015 and will see Shailene Woodley reprise the role of Tris, and Theo James will be back as Four.
This time round, the movie’s going to be directed by Robert Schwentke, who’s helmed R.I.P.D.RedThe Time Traveler’s Wife and Flightplan. And we’ve got a first teaser:

That’s it for another week! Stay tuned for all the best news here at the Arcade!