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Pokémon TCG Online App Launches for iPad



Pokémon trading card game fans can rejoice in the knowledge that the official Pokémon channel posted a promo video announcing that the Pokémon TCG Online App will be available for iPad and iPad mini available through the App Store or ITunes from September 30th.

There is no stone left unturned for TCG fans, the app will feature all aspects of the game, players will be able to load their entire card collection and any progress they have with the app. There are also the aspects of the game that will include both player versus computer and player versus players modes online battles, card trading, avatar customization, deck building, a TCG tutorial and even more.
Both app and online game are free to play. Players will however need an internet connection or data plan in order to use the app while it also requires a 3rd generation or later iPad with Retina Display.