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Music Monday – 25/08/14


So here’s a cheeky list of things I’ve been listening to at the minute. It ranges wildly from emo revival to rap/hardcore to hipster hop and my submission for a controversial music question put forward by Pitchfork a while back. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

1: Foxing – The Medic

I have a major soft spot for twinkly emo tunes. The sadder the better, and this one is currently top of the pile. This song is a story of two halves and that’s told through the instrumentation and vocal style. The opening has the perfect balance between high-pitched guitar licks with sad falsetto vocals, next to  the electric guitar solo parts and strained lyrics in the closing half.

2: Milk Teeth – Grease

New wave grungy punk rock band from Bristol. They have a heavy, 90’s influenced sound that makes you want to grow your hair out so you can head bang and air guitar with the best of them. They play Dublin on October 11, with Balance and Composure and Seahaven.

3: Body Count – Talk Shit, Get Shot


4: Kitty – Florida

Kitty’s half spoken, half rapped flow style is slightly divisive but I feel it’s the perfect music to just stick on and relax a bit to. Her songs have soft beats in the background and the subject matter is all a fairly mellow affair.

5: LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean

This is a song I put forward in a discussion I had during the week with some friends about “The Greatest Song of the Last Decade”. I was humming and hawing all day about which song I would choose until I was in a club and this came on and it just clicked. The lyrics, the slow and steady build up, the gargantuan drop, the energy, the synths. Everything about this song is flawless despite it’s near nine minute run time.

6: Modern Baseball – Your Graduation

One of the best pop punk bands out there at the minute doing what they do best. Catchy guitar hooks, bitter lyrics about relationships, four chords and a chorus you can’t help but shout at the top of your lungs.


7: GnarwolvesLimerence

These boys are a skate punk three-piece from Brighton, who perfectly capture the sound of the end of summer with some of the harsh realities of growing up with things not going quite your way all the time. Never has early 20’s angst sounded so much fun.