Home Buzz Marvel Unveils *Possible* Ultron Mark 1 at SDCC.

Marvel Unveils *Possible* Ultron Mark 1 at SDCC.


Marvel have yet again unveiled another Avengers: Age of Ultron prop and again, it’s causing quite a storm. The prop in question is considered by many to be “Ultron: Mark 1.” Marvel themselves have offered no confirmation as of yet, but this does look promising.
Earlier this weekend footage was shown from Avengers: Age of Ultron of the team (plus War Machine) hanging out and each having a go at lifting Thor’s hammer Mjonir. While the bulk of the team were unsuccessful, it seems Captain America may have budged the enchanted hammer a little… before what’s reported as an “old or beaten up Ironman armour” (possibly having survived as part of Tony’s ‘Iron-Legion‘ from the ending of the Ironman 3 movie) enters and informs the Avengers that they’re all “murderers” at which point the footage ends.
Could this have been the beginning of Ultron?
For a rouge A.I becoming sentient, surely the destruction of at least 42 other units could be enough to send Ultron into a rage. And judging from this picture it certainly looks like this unit was cobbled together from the remains of broken Ironman suits, giving credit to the rumours of Ultron’s origins in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” and also the introduction of The Vision played by Paul Bettany (also the voice of Jarvis) who is of course the… son of Ultron.
So it seems very likely to me that this could be “Ultron: Mark 1.