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New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Teaser.

New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Teaser.


Another day, another teaser trailer.

Earlier today The Amazing Spider-Man Facebook page has released yet another teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel.

This second teaser appears to be a direct continuation from the first teaser. One can only assume tomorrow may lead to another teaser before the full trailer is revealed in thursday December 5th.


Again there’s not a lot to go on in this teaser beyond those beautiful red and blues, but Spidey does swing by Oscorp Tower.

Many fans will remember Oscorp from the first Amazing Spider-Man movie, owned by the mysterious Norman Osborn who is set to make his debut in ASM2 with Chris Cooper stepping into the role this time.

It is yet unconfirmed if Osborn will appear as the long time and fan favourite villain Green Goblin, but with previous shots of what comicbook fans consider the infamous Goblin-Bridge scene and the recently released in-theatre banner which reveals the famous Goblin glider (not snow board, Franco) it looks like we might just get our goblin yet. Also spotted in the banner is The Rhino in his full suit.


Seems Spidey’s going to have his hands full in ASM2.

As always check back here for more Spidey news as it unfolds.