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Happy 3rd Birthday to Us!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Us!


 It’s amazing! I never thought for one second I’d be writing another of these open letters! It feels like it was ages ago when I sat down with Rebekah and we talked out our idea for a new space for Irish gamers and geeks – a place for the hardcore, the novice, the casual and everyone in between, a space for console junkies, comic afficionados, music nuts, movie addicts and telly heads!

But here we are…

Last week at one of our meetings, Rebekah dropped a bombshell on my lap – when we first started the site it took a few weeks/months before we first cracked that 1000 hits mark, now three years on our visits are through the roof and in the month of March we passed a massive milestone with readers from all over the world checking out our little site! The Arcade could not have survived without your support and dedication, your tip offs and e-mails! You are absolutely wonderful and tremendously geeky readers and know that we are beyond grateful for your loyalty!

In those three years, the site has grown a lot, we’ve been so lucky to gain such amazing and talented writers on the team and Rebekah and I would like to take just a minute to thank the people involved in the site; Andy, Liam, Tendai, Therese, Ryan, Naomi, Cassie, Sean, Cliona and Eilis – some of you are still here with us and others have gone on (they aren’t dead!) to greener pastures but the Arcade wouldn’t be what it is today without your brilliance and talent!

We’d like to thank our friends and family for their support and encouragement!

And you! We want to thank you for coming back here every day/week/month! You are the most important thing about the Arcade and we hope you’ll continue to stick with us over the coming months and years!

Stay tuned for a mega-uber competition, one worthy of our 3rd Birthday!


Declan & Rebekah