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Darksiders II Last Sermon Trailer

Darksiders II Last Sermon Trailer


We’ve got the trailer for Darksiders II and can’t wait to get busy slaughtering demons and devils alike!

Follow the exploits of Death, horseman of the Apocalypse, in a tale that runs parallel to the events in the original Darksiders game. This epic journey propels Death through the light and dark realms as he strives to redeem his brother War, blamed for inciting Armageddon and the eradication of Mankind…

THQ present Darksiders 2, the sequel to the 2010 which received nearly all positive reviews and success!

So where can this game go?

Well firstly players will take control of a new Horseman, Death, brother to War. Secondly, this isn’t just a revisit of the same world from the first game, oh now, THQ have gone all out and players will be exploring whole new stages that will be twice as big as the levels explored in the first game.

Before time was born, a bright kingdom was created for the Angels, a dark realm for the Demons, and a world for Mankind. The Charred Council forged a truce between the warring legions of Heaven and Hell to stay the Final Battle until the End of Days, when the Kingdom of Man would be prepared to cast its lot in the eternal conflict.  But War, Rider of the Apocalypse, destroyed the Earth before its appointed hour.  Or so it was claimed. To spare his brother from oblivion, the second horseman rode forth, and his name was Death…”

Darksiders II is scheduled for release in August! We’ll keep you posted  as more information becomes available!