Potential Villain For Iron Fist Season Two Revealed?


Production of season two of Iron Fist is presumably starting this month. We don’t know much other than it has a new showrunner (who hopefully understands this should be a martial arts show) and that Simone Missick will reprise her role of Misty Knight from Luke Cage.

As I said, we don’t know much. But Youtube channel That Hashtag Show has allegedly found some casting call for season two of Iron Fist. Here’s the video where they discuss it.

If you don’t want to watch the video, they claim to have a casting call for a character called Tanya Parker, a cover operative whose character will be a series regular. The name and description fit with two possible Marvel characters: Lady Gorgon and Black Mamba. Lady Gorgon is part of the Hand in the comics, so it’d make sense if that was her.

However, there’s also the possibility that Marvel’s throwing us a curveball and this could turn out to be a completely different character. Who knows? We’ll have to wait for a proper answer.

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