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Stephen Byrne Breaks Our Firefly Loving Hearts

First there was that traumatic gif featuring Zoe and a hologram of Wash! Now Stephen Byrne is going straight for what remains of our feelings! The artist who has already tackled the worlds of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Doctor Who has released a teaser for The Animated Adventures Of Firefly: It’s 39 seconds of sheer perfection and we […]

Star Wars 7.5 By Stephen Byrne

Yeah that Stephen Byrne! The guy who made that awesome animated Doctor Who and who illustrated some of the Dark Horse Comics Serenity for Free Comic Book Day this year! He’s back and this time he’s telling his own Star Wars story featuring Rey, Poe and Finn as well as BB-8 and a shocking encounter with the real villain […]

The Animated Adventures of Doctor Who

I’m a huge fan of artist Stephen Byrne’s work and you will be too after you watch this special animated tribute to Doctor Who! I mean, I’m on my third watch of it and it doesn’t stop being awesome ever – if the BBC haven’t taken note of this yet, you can tell your graphics […]