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Return of the Potty-Mouthed Princesses

Back in October, FCKH8.com released this video: With a view to addressing the systemic mistreatment of women, FCKH8 dressed up a series of youngsters and armed them with a rhyming script. The tactics are simple and effective. Many regard swearing as “bad language” is viewed. It is especially unbecoming for children to swear. So with […]

Opinion: Troubles in the Cosplay Community

Chloe Leahy is a well known Irish cosplayer, she acts as the official Cosplay Coordinator for AkumaKon and maintains a regular blog/social media presence for her fans. The following article has been reposted with Chloe’s permission from her blog. With all that is currently going on in the cosplay community I felt the need to say […]

Beyond Refrigerators I

Once upon a time, in a land far far away… Or rather, a while back in the real world, the people began to notice a disturbing pattern popping up in fictional stories. Female characters kept being killed off or tortured in gratuitously shocking ways, called “fridging” after one rather infamous example. Not just another lazy […]

Sexism in Games: Culture and Industry

We're always very eager to know what our readers thought about our featured articles and opinions and more recently we attempted to open discussion on the subject of gender and identity within the geek community. Stephen Beirne, sent us in the following article that details with the manifestation of sexism and gender bias in gaming.