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Return of the Potty-Mouthed Princesses


Back in October, FCKH8.com released this video:

With a view to addressing the systemic mistreatment of women, FCKH8 dressed up a series of youngsters and armed them with a rhyming script. The tactics are simple and effective. Many regard swearing as “bad language” is viewed. It is especially unbecoming for children to swear. So with the use of a reprehensible (not to mention rhyming) script, they draw attention to something still more ugly: the institutionalised inequality of half the world’s population. (Incidentally there is no such thing as “bad language”, there’s just language).
Needless to say, they are back:

It’s equally needless to say that these videos are likely to provoke as much approval as they are irritation and/ or criticism (if not plain vitriol). Still, until such a time the equality of men and women (cis and transgender alike) manifests, such efforts as these will remain equally necessary.