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Forgotten Childhood – Hook

Of all Steven Spielberg‘s creations, I hold a special place in my heart for this overlooked gem, no matter what the fat cats at Rotten Tomatoes think. Hook (1999) proposes a simple question in response to J. M. Barrie‘s iconic creation, Peter Pan. What if the Boy Who Never Grew Up did just that? Robin […]

Boulevard Official Trailer #1 Released

Since the untimely death of Robin Williams, audiences have awaited with a particular anticipation his final film performance. With the first trailer of Boulevard, we get our first glimpse of the last role of a great man. Williams plays Nolan, a man whose life is on hold working in a bank, a life jump-started with the arrival of Leo […]

Forgotten Childhood – Jumanji

THE INITIAL RELEASE (1995) Jumanji was originally a story book for children. It was an illustrated book that told the tale from the perspective of the characters Judy and Peter. The adult characters of the movie were only briefly present in the original script, and its believed the character of Alan Parrish was made the […]