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Madden 19 Review

It’s been a while since I’ve spent some time with the Madden series. So what new things will I find out for this Madden 19 review? Looks & Sounds Like Football Let’s talk about looks first. This is the second year Madden uses the Frostbite engine and it looks, for the most part, fantastic. Players […]

Review: Madden NFL 15

The Irish response to American Football is 99% of the time “Rugby for babies” which up until now what I’ve been led to believe – even after reviewing last year’s Madden 25. Each game in every Madden always had a fifty percent divide between great tactical fun and extreme boredom matched with spongy physics. That […]

Review: Madden NFL 25

You, the Quarterback get the ball as a play begins, it is the final play in the game, it is the final chance to score a touchdown and secure the victory. Time is against you, as the defense keep closing in, you either make a play now or go down, along with your hopes and […]