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Yo-Kai Watch Coming to Europe

Nintendo and Level-5 have confirmed today that Yo-Kai Watch, the extremely popular Japanese game that’s spawned it’s own Anime and Manga not to mention enough merchandise to fill a small country (the toys and merchandise alone net $1 billion dollars). Now Level-5 are planning to bring the franchise to western gamers with a game coming for the […]

The Next Level – An Ode To Level 5 Games

To understand my hopes for the future of gaming, I’d like to tell you about my personal favorite games company. The game publisher Level 5 is an independently run company that employs 280 workers in its headquarters in Fukuoka, Japan. As of the time of this article, They are one of the ten largest game […]

Review: Ni No Kuni

Console: PlayStation 3Players: SingleRelease Date: 1st February 2013Developers: Level-5Publishers: Level-5Genre: Roleplay, FantasyPrice: €55.99 JRPGS have often suffered the problem of having a small appeal and a niche audience. It can be a difficult genre to get into. From the outside it can look daunting, have weird and “out there” stories, esoteric control systems or just […]