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Fitness Level 8 – Video Game Gym

The idea: Lose weight and tone up/ build muscle The plan: Maintain a regular fitness routine and eat better Current stats  Height: 5ft 4′ Starting Weight: 60kg Weight Goal: 55kg Fitness Level: 8/10 “Fitness level 8?” you may ask. While I haven’t been able to keep a steady workout regimen, I have been running (on and off) and trying […]

Gif Essay: Cleansing The Body Post-Binge

I’m a full on, bona-fide, if-there-was-a-sign-to-carry-I’d-be-carrying-it binger. Games, TV, movies, books; it doesn’t matter the poison when something sinks its teeth into my consciousness, I can’t not sit there for hours soaking up anything and everything to do with it until all information has been assimilated and I ponder what the bloody hell I’ll do […]

My Video Game Gym – Week 1

"Can video games become a healthy part of my lifestyle or is this just a cash cow being milked by companies? There is only one way to find out, so this gamer turns guinea pig in 'My Video Game Gym'." This gamer and writer drags his ass through a video game oriented fitness plan - will it work? Only one way to find out!