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Planetoid Praxis #1 – Comicphiles

[pullquote]Planetoid: Praxis #1 Writer: Ken Garing Artist/Cover: Ken Garing Publisher: Image Comics[/pullquote]First things first Planetoid Praxis is a sequel! I hadn’t known that until I’d finished! A note at the end by writer and artist Ken Garing details his journey creating a follow on story to his 2013 series Planetoid! Suddenly everything made a lot […]

Silver Surfer #1 Review

Dan Slott – Writer. Michael Allred – Art. Laura Allred – Color Artist. Cover by Michael & Laura Allred with variant covers from Francesco Francaivilla, Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson.  Published by Marvel Comics.   Continuing the Marvel Now! Initiative with a new #1 this week, The Silver Surfer is back in his own comic […]