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Planetoid Praxis #1 – Comicphiles

Planetoid Praxis #1 – Comicphiles


[pullquote]Planetoid: Praxis #1
Writer: Ken Garing
Artist/Cover: Ken Garing
Publisher: Image Comics[/pullquote]First things first Planetoid Praxis is a sequel! I hadn’t known that until I’d finished! A note at the end by writer and artist Ken Garing details his journey creating a follow on story to his 2013 series Planetoid!
Suddenly everything made a lot of sense! Suddenly I felt rather uncomfortable! It was a fantastic feeling!

I haven’t been moved by a comic like that before! Sure I’ve experience elation, shock, heartache and even fear will reading comics. To feel uncomfortable, regret and even guilt about what I’d read and felt while reading was new!  Garing’s Planetoid Praxis is set in a terrifying future, on a distant and remote planet. A settlement of humans and aliens scavenge to survive and retain their sense of community. The comic opens with a strange ship entering the orbit and then landing on a planet. Huge open scenes are devoid of any real landmarks until the space traveller stumbles across some children playing. It seemed like a first contact akin to Star Trek! The children are keen to learn more about the traveller and his ship but the oldest suggests bringing him to meet Mom and Dad! Then it all falls apart so quickly.

Cautious of outsiders, the settlement turn on the traveller, leaders unable to control the mob as they descend on him. He’s stripped of his suit despite his protests and the dangers of unsuitable climates. The traveller is revealed to be a nightmare from their pasts. The group leaders are left to decide his fate and ponder just what his presence means, if he was able to find them then surely more would follow.

Planetoid Praxis is gripping. There is a tension in those finals pages that I haven’t felt in a comic before! Garing’s work is truly astounding! I found myself questioning my reactions at the very end and even when I was flicking through the rest of the comics I’d picked up, it was Praxis and those events I kept coming back to in the end. I needed to know more! To know why the leaders decision was important! I need to know why they feared the traveller and the guilt that resonates in the final pages.

The fact that Garing wrote AND drew this piece stands as a testament to his passion for the work. I always appreciate a comic or piece that little bit more when the team behind consists of one person, one mind. It’s a marvel in itself! The fact that the art and the story are both strong and are perfectly balanced is indicative of Garing’s talent. Neither the art or story overpowers the other and work to fill the pages.

I was utterly taken aback by Planetoid Praxis #1! I’ve picked up Volume 1 of Planetoid and I’ll be collecting the rest of Praxis! I can’t praise it enough! Go get it now!