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Civil War II – Comics 101

You may be a little confused at that ‘II’ tacked onto the end of Civil War, but fear not, as the whole thing isn’t too complicated and it’s not yet finished so we here at The Arcade will get you up to speed! The story isn’t even half way through its run yet, so we’ll only be […]

Comics 101 – The Walking Dead Volumes 13-24

A fortnight ago we summarised volumes 1-12 of The Walking Dead comics in the wake of the season 6 finale. Now we’re following through (take note, AMC) and finishing this series with volumes 13-24! Volume 13 Abraham joins the work crew and saves a fellow worker, Holly, from certain death. In doing so, he highlights Alexandria’s naivety when […]

Saga – Comics 101

When one is starting out in the comics world, you may find yourself receiving messages of recommendation from those around you who know what you should read and what you should avoid. I guarantee that one of the titles you’ll be told to buy right away is Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. […]

The Tourist’s Guide To The Whoniverse: Skaro

Hello, fellow Whovians! After last week gave us Series 9’s storming opening episode ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’ (find our review here) and all the masses of continuity and references that came with it, one of our intrepid editors suggested the notion of a brief exploration of the lesser-known throwbacks and terms that appear in each story, largely […]