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PS Plus Games For May 2017

PS Plus Games For May 2017


PlayStation have announced via their blog, the PS Plus games for May 2017. Releasing on Tuesday May 2nd, some co-op goodness and story driven gameplay joins the ranks.


From the creators of Dead Nation and Resogun, Alienation combines classic twin-stick shooting with a deceptively deep loot system, procedurally-generated end-game maps, dungeon raids, weekly objectives and a global league table.

Tales from the Borderlands

What do you get when you mix Gearbox’s crazy world of Borderlands with the storytelling genius of Telltale Games? Well you get the funny, cell-shaded, gun-toting world of Pandora. Can you find one of Pandora’s legendary hidden vaults?

Tales From The Borderlands is told in five parts and features the voice talents of Troy Baker, Laura Bailey, Nolan North and Patrick Warburton.

PS3 and PS Vita owners can also look forward to two new titles apiece, leaving the full line up looking like this:

Leaving on May 2nd include the following games

Any games stand out that you want to pick up? Let us know in the comments!