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New ‘Logan’ Trailer Released!

New ‘Logan’ Trailer Released!


Everyone! Stop what you’re doing and watch this trailer right now! Whether you are a die-hard X-Men fan or just a casual Marvel movie-goer, the new trailer for Logan is something to behold.

Not too much is given away in the trailer itself, being the perfect teaser trailer to get audiences intrigued and hopefully wanting more. Gritty, tough and in many places too real, the impressive cinematography is backed by legendary Johnny Cash‘s ‘Hurt’ which gives it the perfect “gettin’ too old for this shit” vibe.

Now I have a few theories of what’s going on in this trailer so if you don’t want know what’s to come, than stop reading now!

Teaser theories!

Set in the future, we see Logan AKA Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) obviously aged and somewhat beat-up. His regenerative healing powers are obviously lacking and his many years are catching up on him. Even poor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) has seen better days and is apparently suffering from dementia. Yet Professor X still has some tricks up his sleeves, informing Logan of the arrival of a mysterious girl who is “like you”. Personally, I think this Eleven*-ish looking girl could be Laura Kinney, Wolverine’s cloned mutant X-23.

* For those who haven’t watched Stranger Things, do.


If so, this film could tie in very nicely with the current comic series which potentially sees the mutant race end as we know it and the development of the new upcoming Weapon X series – have a read of our Marvel comic news piece for more info! Also rumoured is that the main villain is the infamous Mr Sinister (AKA Nathaniel Essex), who has cropped up numerous times in Marvel history. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Stay tuned for more Marvel and movie news.