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Otaku Digest: Pets/Love/Culture Clubs

Otaku Digest: Pets/Love/Culture Clubs


Another week down already? This is crazy but it does mean we are all set for another installment of Otaku Digest! We did have the slightly devastating yet exciting news about the new Digimon anime that was meant to be released this season but will in fact be released in November, luckily we have loads of anime in this spring season to keep up busy. Stepping up to the plate this week are Jewelpet Magical Change, Ore Monogatari!! And Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku.

Jewelpet Magical Change

21134-EqvFR9XIgKSUFirst up this week we are keeping it light-hearted with the fantasy and magic anime that may or may not be for kids Jewelpet Magical Change which originally aired on the 4th of April. This anime follows the rabbit-shaped Jewelpet and the other Jewelpets are they take on their mission to re-establish the Jewel Castle. The castle has fallen from the skies landing right smack in the middle of a town due to humanities lack of trust in magic. To help humanity regain their faith in magic the Jewelpets must take a human form to come to earth and study the humans, in order to see where they lost their faith and hopefully find a way to restore it.
Cuteness overload here, this show should come with a decay warning because it is so darn cute! It is exactly what is advertised, a cute cuddly adventure for kids. Obviously I do not set out to find kids anime but it is a new series so I am obliged to have a look. There is no major plot points in this anime but saying that I still found it enjoyable for the pure fun of it. It is one of those shows where when your down one episode is like an instant pick me up. Reminding me of television shows like Care Bears from the ’90s this show comes from the same tree, cuddly creatures who although similar have distinct traits and personalities but a major difference being the protagonist human character was not as plain as sliced pan. She had a genuine personality and was innocent and completely in love with magic, much like what you would hope children watching would be.

Will I Continue To Watch: No, not because it’s not enjoyable it is but I highly recommend for 4 – 8 years old, Not 24.

Ore Monogatari!!

20946-AwT7rn1GK5BANext up and keeping it on a light-hearted level is the romance and comedy anime Ore Monogatari!! or MY love STORY!! Which started airing on the 9th of April. This anime introduces us to Takeo Gouda who is a big guy with an even bigger heart. He finds himself being the unattractive friends as most girls prefer his best friend Sunakawa, who happens to be good looking. Accepting his lonely fate Takeo stands tall and watches from the side-lines of life that is until he saves a girl called Yamato from being harassed on a train. Until now Takeo’s life and love life had been invisible but now they are set for a massive turn around.
I had actually seen a lot of press for this anime and heard about it from quite a few fans so my hopes for it were high. First off, adorable and very catchy opening, which is a good start to this anime. To be honest I am not usually a fan of these types of anime, as they usually reign very close to slice-of-life. There was a real feel good factor to this anime and a close to reality narrative, who has ever felt like the outcast or the less attractive friend who is always ignored by not just the opposite sex but by everyone around you? That’s what this anime is trying to put across but in a more comedic way than serious. The anime is enjoyable there is no question but I just do not see the appeal, yes each character is distinctive and has an interesting connection to the narrative but as a whole it is not my cup of tea.

Will I Continue To Watch: Yes, the characters are interesting as is the concept. Breaking my pattern and trying out something that would not usually be my cup of tea.

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku

20983-uldxst8ye6npLast but not least we have Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku or Mikagura School Suite a school based anime adapted from the manga and light novel of the same name began airing on the 7th of April. This anime follows high school girl Eruna Ichinomiya who has entered the Mikagura Academy with the dream of having a boarding school life that is all beauty. How wrong she was, Eruna soon finds herself in the midst of a battle within the culture clubs. Within these clubs a battle is fought with special powers in order to decide on a club representative’s treatment. Through some weird turn of events Eruna becomes a representative and is thrown into the mix.
Now that is how you open an anime, damn it! Absolute confusion yet purely intriguing, and then comes the most random characters introduction, love it even with the most randomly timed lesbian dating simulator moments. At first I thought the concept behind this anime was slightly over done, battles between and in clubs but the way this anime executes it is fantastic, I have to say this anime is a breath of fresh air in terms of story. Even the main character Eruna is interesting in her random bursts of girl love. Every aspect of this anime ticks all the right boxes, just the first episode has so many aspects to keep up with Eruna’s own journey, the Seisa side story and not to mention the club battles making the entire episode compelling to watch. Also this isn’t even a magical girl anime and yet we get a cute flying cat companion. Win!

Will I Continue To Watch: Yes, Yes and Yes again. This anime from just the first episode is worth every second!
Another batch of fantastic anime this week! What have you been watching? Let us know in the comments!