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Gig reviews, album previews, star-studded interviews – the Arcade’s music section has it all, from local Irish unsigned bands to international talent.


So often we can take for granted the amount of work that goes into the production of a video game, Ross Flynn a young gamer takes one aspect of this process and asks us to lend an ear as he examines the power the music and sounds can have on us gamers.


Okay everyone it is time once again to get your voting capes on! We want you to tell us who you thought were the best of the best OF THE BEST this year! That’s right the arcade Readers Choice Awards are back and one again we’re opening nominations up to you! Nominations are open right now and all you have to do is click here to get started!


Halloween has been and gone but we’re not ready to give up our favourite time of year just yet! With many people still set on dressing up for the night and hell the weekend, Liam has put together the perfect playlist to keep you in the mood of ghosts, ghouls and gore! Check it out now!


For years it was the backing track to our gaming life and it woe took little notice of it until it was gone! Now though all of that has changed with thanks to independent developers and a rise in the culture of Retro Gaming, the 8-Bit music tracks are alive, funky and kicking today but it hasn’t just stopped with the gaming industry. We chat to one Irish artist making her own 8-Bit sound that’s heard all over the world!

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