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Gig reviews, album previews, star-studded interviews – the Arcade’s music section has it all, from local Irish unsigned bands to international talent.


High Score is our weekly exploration into the world of video game and anime soundtracks. If the story is the heart of any good production then music is it’s soul! High Score begins by taking a look at the work of Yasunori Mitsuda and Chrono Cross.


I’m no stranger to the rhythm genre and have been an avid fan of Kinect since it’s release but this is my first time playing the Just Dance series having nearly always opted for the Xbox only series ‘Dance Central’ and owning all of it’s current titles! Can Just Dance 2014 sway me from my loyalty?


We’re looking for new writers, artists, gamers, geeks, cosplayers, trekkies, caped crusaders, pokémon trainers, card collectors, dice rollers! We’re looking for you! The Arcade is growing every day and to keep up with the hectic world that is all things gamer and all things geek, we need your help!

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