‘SpyHunter 2001’ – Saliva – TOTD


The 1983 arcade classic Spy Hunter was about a car that turned into a boat and blew up baddie cars. It was a huge success and thanks to a remarkable port to the Atari 2600 became an icon of the early 80’s. Henry Mancini‘s theme tune for the private eye tv show Peter Gunn served as the background music, cementing the deadly melody into pop culture consciousness forever.

In 2001 the Playstation 2 released a remake/sequel to the arcade classic. The game itself was really good, with exciting chase sequences and plenty of things that go boom. SpyHunter 2001 featured the original Peter Gunn theme but also featured a remake done by the nu metal band Saliva. Clearly inspired by the Limp Bizkit remake of  Lalo Schifrin‘s Mission:Impossible theme, this song features the famous guitar lick only done loudly with screaming and daft lyrics. Finish the game and you get to see the craptastic music video.

Dave McEvoy

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