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The Dragon Prince Season I | Review

Netflix owned creations are almost a dime a dozen these days. Some knock it out of the park while others blunder into oblivion. Heralded as a spiritual successor to Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Dragon Prince has finally landed on Netflix. It’s another animation under the streaming service’s belt, but how does it fare? With lead […]

Screen Savers: The Last Airbender

  Remind me never to ask you people to pick a movie for me to watch/suffer through! Up this week for ‘Screen Savers’ I’ve had the pleasure nightmarish hell of sitting through The Last Airbender because apparently you wonderful readers hate me! ___________________________________ Long ago the Avatar series was beloved and sacred. Then everything changed when M. Night […]

Avatar: Top 10 Non-Benders!

  In the world of Avatar, bending is obviously the focus. People are capable of incredible feats, whether it be manipulating the very blood in someone’s body, breathing huge jets of fire, hurling massive chunks of the earth itself at their enemies, or simply scooting around on a big ball of air. But what of […]