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Simon Pegg Confirms Star Trek 3 Title

Last month, we wrote about a rumour doing the rounds online about the possible title of Star Trek 3. It has now been confirmed that the name of the next movie in the franchise will be Star Trek Beyond. Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty in the popular films, confirmed the title on his website while trying […]

Idris Elba Up For Lead Star Trek 3 Villain Role?

What does Idris Elba do when he’s not cancelling the apocalypse, giving the performance of a lifetime or staring mysteriously out into the cosmos? Well, he’s currently in early talks to play the main villain for Star Trek 3, believe it or not. The script penned by Simon Pegg is nearing the end and everything […]

William Shatner is on for 'Star Trek 3'?

There has been a recent rumour floating around that William Shatner would be reprising his role of Kirk in the upcoming 3rd (or thirteenth, depending on where you stand) Star Trek film. Shatner was quick to shoot down these rumors on Twitter, but it has now been confirmed that he had indeed been contacted by […]