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Best Of 2016 | Staff Picks

2016 is coming to an end. It has been a trying year in many aspects but, fortunately, we’ll be done with it soon. It’s the perfect time to look back at how things went this year, so we decided to ask our writers about their favourite movies, games, TV shows and books this year. We’ve compiled their […]

Laura’s Best Of 2015

2015 has been an interesting year for me, to say the least. I’ve started new paths in my life, made new lasting friendships and of course played a lot of games! It’s been a year of constant change for me, and a lot of it has been spent figuring out what kind of person I am, […]

Seasonal New Years K-Pop Playlist

To all K-pop fans out there, we hope you had a fantastic Christmas! But we’re of the belief that it’s not over until New Years, so whether it’s wrong or not, we’re still humming along to these fantastic seasonal tunes! If you’re coming down off your Christmas high, hopefully we can lighten up your day with […]