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Modern Nostalgia – Geeky Goodies

For today’s Geeky Goodies, we are diving back in time a couple of decades to find the modern equivalents of nostalgic goodies. Care Bears A phenomenon that most 80s and 90s kids would remember. Our first Geeky Goodie today is a modern equivalent of an old classic. For those chilly evenings by the fire, or for […]

Hasbro Sued For Alleged Font Misuse

Designing a font is a tough task that a lot of us take for granted. As it turns out Hasbro have allegedly been taking it for granted in a big way and are now being sued for it. The font in question is called ‘Generation B;, created by Minneapolis based company FontBros. They describe it […]

First My Little Pony Café Opens In Tokyo

The first My Little Pony themed café has opened in Toyko. Themed cafés are hardly a rarity but this colourful and glittery bistro features a My Little Pony themed menu with lavish decorations and merchandise from the iconic franchise. While the cast of characters from the 2010 revamp series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will […]