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Kpop Weekly Recommendations

This week we’ve got a mix and match for you guys! A little bit of Kpop history mixed up with some new goodies! First up we’re gonna jump back to 2011, to the first release of TVXQ with only two members. One of the most devastating moments in Kpop was the split of TVXQ. If […]

We Love Kpop For The ‘Music’

Kpop is so full of different sub-genres, there are so many types of music to choose from, we’re often spoiled for choice. So many fantastic rappers, beautiful ballad singers and amazing dance hits, not to mention the intense and hypnotic choreography and live performances. Idols are so multi-talented too, they can sing, dance, rap, model, […]

Kpop Ireland Interview: MAMAMOO

Kpop Ireland, thanks to Japako Music, recently got to interview the wonderful Kpop girl group MAMAMOO! Our members sent us in some questions and Mamamoo kindly put together a video for us with their answers! If you’re new to Mamamoo, let us give you a quick introduction. Mamamoo officially debuted in the K-pop industry under WA […]