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Florence and the Machine – New Track

The Great Gatsby is due out this year and in case you haven’t heard the soundtrack is being produced by Jay-Z himself! Music and movie fans have been told to expect some serious mashup of genres and personally if it the soundtrack will sound and feel like the above track from Florence and the Machine […]

Music Monday: Calvin and Florence

This track is dedicated to all the awesome folk who came to our panels and games this weekend over at Eirtakon! From shrieking widows, to terrifying furries, a blind slenderman to panicky players, awesome cosplays, a fantastic atmosphere, we can’t shake our good mood just yet and this song is only keeping it going! Declan […]

the Arcade playlist!

We’ve had these songs on repeat now for last few days and just can’t seem to get enough of them: 1# Florence and the Machine – Breath of Like / Snow White and the Huntsmen Soundtrack 2# Marina and the Diamonds – Primadonna / Electra Heart  3# Silhouette –  Can’t Keep Up /  #4 The […]