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Whachu Doin’ This Week… Noel?

Well, I’m going to sleep. Eat. Drink. That kind of thing. Oh. Oh you meant the interesting stuff. The fun stuff. We can talk about that too…I guess. Well, packages arrived on my desk at work on Tuesday and Wednesday, considerably brightening my days. The first was Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on the PS4. Mostly due […]

Shrek 2 – Forgotten Childhood

When thinking about what this week’s article should be about, Shrek 2 came to mind immediately. Mostly because I just watched it two weeks ago. This idea was swiftly followed by the realisation that this was released during my teenage years. A quick google search revealed that this movie is twelve years old guys! Twelve! […]

7 School-Day Crazes We Miss

Alright, so your school probably wasn’t as grand as Hogwarts. Or as fun. What with the uniforms. Exams. Homework. There’s several reasons not to ever want to enter those dark halls again. There was good times too though. It was in these years that we became book-reading, game-playing, show-watching, con-going awesome people. Cast your mind […]

Review: Star Wars Battlefront

The return of the much loved Star Wars Battlefront series to our screens has been long awaited. Much like the upcoming film there was an air of excitement and cautious optimism surrounding the release. With DICE’s early behind the scenes videos and teasers throughout the year, I was ready to take off into what I […]