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Beyond: Two Souls PS4 Review

When I first heard the news that Ellen Page was going to be starring in a video game, I was intrigued. I had been convinced by a great many attempts at motion capture that gaming at the time had collapsed into the uncanny valley, and while the characters on screen certainly looked realistic, it was sometimes […]

Rewind Review: Hard Candy

I first heard about Hard Candy years ago, so when I say I’ve been meaning to see it forever it’s almost not hyperbole. Feels good to cross a film (book, album) off ‘The List’, the ominous, ever-growing ‘List‘. Still, one of the worst things about relegating anything to ‘The List’ is that expectations are high.  […]

Review: Beyond: Two Souls

Jodie Holmes is a survivor. Throughout her life she has survived abandonment, betrayal, imprisonment, rebellion, torture, all kinds of pain and danger both physical and emotional. In the pantheon of video game protagonists she stands alone; a resilient individual who does not allow her struggles to define her but rather is defined by how valiantly […]