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You Should Watch… Arrival

Released late last year, Arrival is a sci-fi drama directed by Sicario director Denis Villeneuve. Starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, alongside Forest Whitaker, the story centres around linguistic professor Louise Banks (Adams) as she tries to communicate with a mysterious alien arrival. Personally, this was probably the best film I saw last year. I was […]

Attack on Titan Live Action Drama Series

Apparently the world is big enough for an Attack on Titan, Manga, Anime, live-action movie and now a live-action television series! The television drama series will be connected to the two part movie coming out later this year and will see some of the movie’s cast taking up their roles including Sakuraba Nanami who is playing Sasha, […]

Review: Love Is Strange

Romance films so regularly bask in their own saccharine lust and poetic tragedy that they often forget to tell any kind of memorable story. Ira Sachs’ latest effort Love Is Strange aims to go against that curve, turning away from dramatic speeches and superfluous ultimatums and focusing on what can make films about love so […]

Better Call Saul Extended Trailer Released

When the first Better Call Saul trailer was released my colleague said it had “a hefty pedigree”. Indeed, ever since AMC announced its spin-off there has been as much excitement as trepidation. Still, I’m opting to trust Vince Gilligan, for the moment at least. With the premiere now less than a month away, we have another trailer. While what’s in store […]

Rewind Review: Vera Drake

The project of a life time, writer-director Mike Leigh’s Mr Turner opened to much acclaim. The project of a life-time, the reflecting on past works seems worthwhile. Secrets and Lies (1996) would be the obvious choice: much-loved work also featuring Timothy Spall (the titular J.M.W). However, in this Rewind here I want to focus on […]

The Imitation Game Initial Release Announced

Bio-pic of Alan Turing is set for initial release in November 2014. According to The Independent’s Kaleem Aftab “Benedict Cumberbatch is odds-on to be nominated for an Oscar (at the very least) for his brilliant turn as Alan Turing”. Having already won critical praise and Grolsch People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival, expectations […]

Review: Belle

In the last few years, it seems that slavery has made it’s way into the eye of major motion pictures as poignant point onto which to base a narrative. Tarantino tackled it most famously with Django Unchained in 2012, a very good, but also very tongue in cheek attack on the slave driving of the […]

Review: The Selfish Giant

A cursory look at the trailer for Clio Barnrd’s latest film The Selfish Giant would not suggest a movie going experience that bespeaks geek culture, that subject that is the cornerstone of this very website.  Yet to make such a judgement would, I posit, be premature at the very.  The film follows the lives of […]