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Review: Amazing Spider-Man #2

Dan Slott – Writer. Humberto Ramos – Penciler. Victor Olazaba – Inker. Edgar Delgado – Colorist. Chris Eliopoulos – Letterer. Published by Marvel Comics. [pulledquote] Remember when you read ‘Big Time‘ and thought “How has this not been done before?” That’s exactly how this issue works.[/pulledquote] After the thrill-ride that was ASM #1, you have to […]

Superior Spider-Man #30 Review

Dan Slott – Plot. Christos Gage – Script. Giuseppe Camuncoli – Pencils. John Dell & Terry Pallot – Inks. Antonio Fabela – Colors. Chris Eliopoulos – Letterer. Published by Marvel Comics. *If you’ve been living under a rock or just not listening to ME, you won’t know that Doc Ock, through some freaky Friday-esk science has brain-swapped […]

Review: Moon Knight #1

"Moon Knight has always been one of those characters that given the right creative team can be incredible. The problem is though with so many different visions, incarnations and iterations of the character over the years that it can be more than challenging to find a new direction" - has Ellis found it? Check out our review here!