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Hulu Releases First Look Trailer for The Path

While some religious fanatics might choose to spread the word, the people over at Hulu have been keeping tight lipped about their new series The Path. Luckily, they’ve finally decided that the world is ready to learn and released a special first look trailer courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. In their words, “The Path focuses on a family […]

Triple 9 Review

When you look at the filmography of director John Hillcoat, it’s easy to see how he ended up at Triple 9. Making his career on glum, downtrodden features like The Road and The Proposition, Hillcoat‘s a director who likes to revel in human darkness. Triple 9 is a tome almost dedicated to the nihilism of […]

Need for Speed – The Movie

Fresh from prison, framed for a crime he didn’t commit, street racer Tobey Marshall (Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul), is hell bent on settling the score.  With revenge at the forefront of his mind, he gears up for the ultimate cross-country race heaving with adrenaline-charged muscle machines and high-octane super cars. When his powerful rival (Dominic […]