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EwTube – 8-Bit Jukebox

Eventually one begins to tire of the auto-tuned pop songs that stagnate the top of the charts like scum atop a pond. The same beats, tunes and lyrics. A homogeneous din about ‘loving you baby’ or ‘partying at the club’. It’s rare I hear a song on the radio once without it phasing through me little more […]

8-Bit Avengers from CineFix

Taking some of the biggest and best scenes from the Avengers blockbuster movie, YouTubers, CineFix have turned their hand and transformed the movie into an 8-Bit masterpiece. According to their YouTube bio, the channel is ‘the ultimate destination for true movie buffs & filmmakers on YouTube. We are filmmakers, writers, directors, animators and our goal […]

Interview: Chipzel

For years it was the backing track to our gaming life and it woe took little notice of it until it was gone! Now though all of that has changed with thanks to independent developers and a rise in the culture of Retro Gaming, the 8-Bit music tracks are alive, funky and kicking today but it hasn't just stopped with the gaming industry. We chat to one Irish artist making her own 8-Bit sound that's heard all over the world!